Honda OSM

Honda OSM Roadster

Honda have shown off their shiny new roadster concept at the British International Motor Show in London. Their are many hints/indicators from the CR-Z concept (that is now going into production), but Honda have said that its purely a design study. Boooo! Check out Jalopnik for more...

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Honda CR-Z Concept

Honda CR-Z

Coming soon to the Tokyo Auto Show is the new Honda CR-Z concept car. Based loosely on the CR-X from the early '80s, the car is a bang up-to-date vision of Hondas' vision of its next generation of cars. I'm not too sure of the 'guppy-mouth' grill...

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I'm not normally that interested in the goings on of Nissan, but their new GT-R Proto looks stunning. Take a look at the concept cars new site for pics and videos: GT-R Proto. Although it may not quite look exactly like the concept by the time...

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