Honda CR-Z Concept

Honda CR-Z

Coming soon to the Tokyo Auto Show is the new Honda CR-Z concept car. Based loosely on the CR-X from the early '80s, the car is a bang up-to-date vision of Hondas' vision of its next generation of cars. I'm not too sure of the 'guppy-mouth' grill...

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Honda Civic Choir


"This is what it feels like to be 118-118" There's a genius new advert on UK television at the moment sending up the 'Honda Choir' spot for the new Civic. It's made by the telephone directory enquiries service 118-118 (who've recently started doing other adverts sending up...

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Virtual Earth

Windows Virtual Earth

Microsoft's answer to Google Earth / Maps is Virtual Earth. This has been kicking around for a while now and seems pretty slick. But now MS have added a new feature : Street Rides. Basically you have a two-pane window, with the top forming front and side...

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Honda Civic Movie

Another Civic Movie

The 'Lost in Space' guys have produced a brilliant short film for the launch of the new Honda Civic here in Europe. Around 2 minutes long, the movie sees the car in some surreal poses and angles. It's not quite as good as the UK advert...

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Underground Music

Dorian Lynskey has taken Harry Beck's world famous London underground map from 1933 - and transformed it into a logical map of the last 100 years' worth of music. It's very clever. Read the article/view the PDF : Article here | PDF download here...

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