Cnicht & Moelwyn Mawr

I completed the impressive and imposing Cnicht and Moelwyn Mawr peaks at the weekend (tick those off the list), and although not the biggest peaks in North Wales, they proved to be good 'fall back' routes for me. I also managed to get three/four decent panoramics...

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Express & Star World Cup website


Hello? I've been a little bit busy recently (no not on my PSP) with work, creating the Express & Star's new World Cup 2006 website - Star-Backhome. I have a week or so to catch up on other work, before I start work on a micro site...

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Sony PSP

Oh no!

Just when I thought I'd start getting some work done, and I go and buy this new toy - a Sony PSP. The good thing is it's a v1.5 - Homebrew here I come (Shhh - don't tell anyone)....

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Honda HR-V

HR-V: Five years old – One year on.

What was your first car? Was it a little Fiesta/Corsa/Panda etc? I bet you had it because of insurance/cheap to run reasons right? These were the vehicles I was looking at whilst having lessons late 2004/early 2005. None of them really appealed though as I would...

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Cadair Idris - Panoramic Wallpaper


Well, its 2006 - so here's a little something from me to say thanks for visiting/reading over the past few months. I visited the Cadair Idris mountain, Mid Wales just before New Year and managed to get a few excellent panoramic photos done - one of...

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