Honda Civic Movie

Another Civic Movie

The 'Lost in Space' guys have produced a brilliant short film for the launch of the new Honda Civic here in Europe. Around 2 minutes long, the movie sees the car in some surreal poses and angles. It's not quite as good as the UK advert...

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Update – Formula One pics

More photographs have been added to the F1 section - including the one above of Mark Webber's Jaguar that came roaring towards me a 50mph+ whilst I was kneeling down in his pit box and not paying much attention! Still...

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Underground Music

Dorian Lynskey has taken Harry Beck's world famous London underground map from 1933 - and transformed it into a logical map of the last 100 years' worth of music. It's very clever. Read the article/view the PDF : Article here | PDF download here...

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Honda Power of Screams Advert

The Power of Screams

Remember I mentioned in an earlier post that there was a new Honda Civic 2006 advert out soon? Well, here's a still from it (click thumb to enlarge). Apparently "only human voices were used during the making of the advert". Intriguing. We'll just have to wait till until...

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Cadair Idris - Panoramic Wallpaper


Well, its 2006 - so here's a little something from me to say thanks for visiting/reading over the past few months. I visited the Cadair Idris mountain, Mid Wales just before New Year and managed to get a few excellent panoramic photos done - one of...

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Honda - Power of Dreams

The Power of Advertising

Just had to say a little something about Honda's new Power of Dreams advert - It is brilliant! Shot in New Zealand and Barcelona, the two minute spot features a guy riding/driving a range of Honda vehicles, right from the 50's Monkey Bike, through the Super...

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Honda have an updated ASIMO robot out, along with a new dedicated information website. The humanoid robot now features the ability to pursue key tasks in a real-life environment such as an office and an advanced level of physical capabilities. There are tonnes of pictures, and videos...

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JCB Song

Christmas Number 1

The race is on for the Christmas Number 1 in the UK, and this year there is one song that stands out a little more than the others. It's called the JCB song, by Nizlopi, and is a tale of a five year old boy called...

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