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Your search returns no results – Magento Tip

Magento ecommerce software is a funny thing, one minute it is fine, the next you get random quirky errors that seem impossible to fix (esp when you have only been using the software as before, in the way it was intended).

One of these strange fun quirks is when your search page stops returning product results, giving you the error “Your search returns no results”.

It’s thought that up to 30% of users will use a search box on and ecommerce to find what they want. It’s pretty important yours works.

Help is here though with 3 or 4 possible fixes that may just save your head for exploding and/or hours of your life wasted looking for the bugs. Try these in this order.

Fix 1:

Firstly, go to:

  • System > Configuration > Catalog’.
  • Check that in Catalog Search the Search Type field is set to like.

This basically means that your product will be displayed if the searched keyword is anywhere in your product name. An example of this would be: “glass” and your product name is “glasses”.

Test your search results.

Fix 2:

Next, if that didn’t solve the problem, go to:

  • System > Cache Management.
  • Clear out your cache by clicking Flush Magento Cache.

You could disable your cache completely, but the error may return when you switch it back on later. Clearing/flushing the cache is a more consistent method.

Test your search results.

Fix 3:

Next, if your problem still continues, go to:

  • System > Index Management.
  • Then reindex Catalog Search Index (and any other indexes that require indexing).

Check the date on the far-right of each row to see if they are old.

Test your search results.

Fix 4:

Next, if you are still encountering errors, go to:

  1. Go to Catalog >Manage Products and select visible products.
  2. Choose the Update Attributes action form the right panel and click the Submit button.
  3. Click on the Websites tab from the left and check the Main Website.
  4. Click Save button.

This may take some time depending on how many products you have. Test your search results.

If you are still getting the same errors after exhausting these four methods, log out of the admin area, close browser, re open your browser, log back in to Magento and clear all of the store caches and search once last time.

You product results should now be filtering through. If not, its probably time to contact a specialist Magento developer and get them on-board to try and track down the issues with your site.

Good luck.


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