The Video Game Name Generator

The Video Game Name Generator

Sometimes when your creating video games, you’re stuck for a really memorable title. Well, those days are over… someone has produced the awesome ‘Video Game Name Generator’!

Visit the site, hit the big blue ‘generate’ button and prepare to waste an afternoon laughing your head off.

Some of my random favourite video game names:

  • Lost Frisbee Ultra
  • Chocolate Dodgeball in the Dark
  • Super Sexy Monster Truck Tale
  • Stylish Office Hunt
  • Pixellated Barbarian Fight
  • Exciting Grizzly Bear Babies
  • Adventures of the Writing Farmer
  • Bouncin’ Whale Party
  • Charlie Brown’s Trampoline Rage
  • Tiny Hovercraft of Love
  • John Romero’s Shaving Tactics
  • Kung-fu Jetpack Over Normandy
  • Gothic Pony Inspector
  • Drunken Chipmunk Uncensored
  • Helicopter Walrus Patrol
  • Guitar Frog Football
  • College Sandwich Rally
  • Hip-Hop Nudist Crime Scene Investigation
  • Zany Cardboard Wars
  • Sensual Penguin Quiz
  • Insane Bedtime 1942

Go create your own now – visit:


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