New HR-V?

New HR-V?

Honda CrossroadSpy pics are currently doing the rounds on a possible new Honda HR-V replacement for 2008-2009 (click image to enlarge).

There is a lot of spin around the vehicle at the moment, mainly on whether it is in fact a JDM at all (lots of poorly informed people are touting it as a Ford due to ‘it being parked next to a Land Rover Discovery 3!) – but there are many indicators to say that is could be the new replacement for the HR-V.

It’s said to be longer than the original HR-V (490mm longer), but smaller than the recently updated CR-V. A 7-seat configuration is also being touted – which would be a huge improvement on the poor 4-seat layout on the old model.

New Honda HR-V?Styling cues on the car also point to Honda, take for example the front grill – this configuration has recently been seen on the Stepvan Concept and Mobilio Spike concept at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Other cues include the front window/B-Pillar being very simiar to the Element (sources say that the Element is not yet ready for a major redesign so this rules that model out).

Whatever comes of it – I doubt it would be called the HR-V anyway.

Update: TheHollywoodExtra is saying the car IS a Honda and that it WON’T be called HR-V, but rather the Honda Crossover. This could mean that the second image above is a concept for the new Stream model.


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