Nissan GT-R Proto ConceptI’m not normally that interested in the goings on of Nissan, but their new GT-R Proto looks stunning. Take a look at the concept cars new site for pics and videos: GT-R Proto.

Although it may not quite look exactly like the concept by the time the EU lawmakers have messed around with it, it does give a good indication as to what the new Skyline should look like in 2007.

Also, whilst on the subject of concepts, Audi recently showed off their new TT Shooting-Brake concept which gives styling hints towards the next TT (2007-08).

I think they are making a HUGE mistake with this. They’ve obviously not quite grasped what they have / have had with the TT. It’s a modern design classic. Sadly though sales have been falling for a while and they want to update it to boost those sales again. But, they haven’t really figured out WHY sales have fallen though.

I’ll give you a clue – how many do you see on the roads today? Stacks of them I bet; and when you see one, do you still say ‘Oh an Audi TT’. No, neither do I.

Here’s the thing Audi… “They are too common”.

That’s why they aren’t selling. Everybody has one. It comes down to what I call the ‘Fawlty Towers‘ effect.

In 1975, John Cleese made a comedy show for the BBC set in a hotel. He made 6 episodes. These proved to be hugely popular during the 4 years that it took him to write the second series, where he again made 6 superb shows.

When he’d finished he said he definitely wouldn’t make any more. A wise move, because 30 years on, it’s one of the most popular sitcoms ever made – right round the world. I still watch it today, and I still laugh at it – even though I know what’s going to happen, and can recite a lot of the dialogue.

And here’s the best bit… there are only twelve shows. 12. Ever.

Of course, the Shooting Brake is only a concept… but even so, the original TT shouldn’t be messed with. Plus the fact it looks like a reject BMW Z4.

They should retire the model in 2006 – and let her grow old gracefully as 8 years is a good innings.

I’ll stop waffling now…


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